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We believe in play. Play is where we find inspiration and the excitement. Play is where we unlock our creativity. We all deserve to play, to work through the hard feelings that come up when we play, and to ultimately, relax and enjoy the present.



We believe in connecting. It’s necessary to reach for and stay in touch with humanity; to simply embrace and celebrate what makes us human. It’s about remembering our inherent goodness and noticing our brilliant mind. When we're most connected to ourselves, we can be most connected to others.
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Celebrate in Style

We believe that the way to dance is to dance to our unique and creative beat. We believe that OUR mind and soul make up the real compass, not traditions, to-do lists or trends. Humans have flexible intelligence, giving us the ability to solve problems, create things, and express ourselves in fresh and stylish ways.

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Shindig Shop

For the Dance-to-your-own-beat Type

A shop and a space for the everyday dance-to-your-own-beat types seeking to play, to connect, and to celebrate in style.
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